[Revlon] ColorStay Moisture Stain – Stockholm Chic

Photo Aug 19, 11 26 46 PMI love the packaging of the Revlon ColorStay Moisture Stains, and they kept catching my eye every time I saw the collection in the store. Finally, I saw that there was a sale making them $5.99 instead of $9.99, so I looked a little closer. I noticed Stockholm Chic, and immediately knew I had to buy it (I just recently went on a trip to Stockholm and loved it there). This color is my favorite kind of red, which is bricky and a bit darker than true red. (I will say that the pictures are a little lighter than the true, in-person color). I’m not a gloss/shine/shimmer fan, but I thought I should give this product a try anyway.

Application is okay. Some reviews say it’s too patchy or uneven for them, but I think it’s pretty average and I didn’t notice any problems. It goes on like a very pigmented gloss (once again, some reviews saying it wasn’t true to the bottle’s color, but I disagree). However, it’s not too sticky, just very wet and “glossy”. There is some shimmer/glitter but to me it’s not overwhelming so I kind of like it.

Photo Aug 19, 5 27 53 PM-3If you immediately blot the color, which I like to do with my lipsticks to help them set/not get smeared around, it fades pretty fast (see picture). However, if you apply it and let it dry naturally, it definitely stains your lips the same color as it is wet! I was pleased to discover this, because it’s a beautiful color, and I was glad to know I didn’t have to constantly have wet lips to get it. (PS, sorry for not having a pic of the stain, I only noticed it after a long day so I immediately started relaxing and forgot about it :P).

If you dislike high-maintenance lip products, or shininess, I would say to stay away from this stain. However, I love this color and I think it’s okay to sacrifice a few moments of application every once in a while for a pretty red shine, or to let it fade to a beautiful red stain.


U2 Album Delete Troubleshooting

So here’s something infuriating that happened to me. I recently cleaned my iTunes thanks to a new computer and just now noticed a random U2 album in my iPhone. I don’t listen to them so I don’t want it marring my beautiful organization, so I try to swipe the songs to delete them. Well this doesn’t work and it just starts playing one of them, and guess what, that complicated things a LOT. Time to Google this shit! Here’s a step by step process of what happened to me so hopefully you can do this process as easy as possible. Also, I hate that this even happened in the first place.

If you haven’t touched it at all: Go to settings -> music -> show all music (switch to off).


Click on the cloud icon next to the album (which downloads the whole thing to your phone) -> swipe each song left to delete.*

If you clicked on one of the songs, it will stream the song, so it will be listed on your phone. However it was not actually downloaded, so you cannot delete it. You can stream the songs to listen to them if you like the album but don’t want it taking up space on your phone.

If you clicked on a song: First make sure the “show all music” (as seen above) is turned ON. Download that song by clicking on the cloud icon -> swipe left to delete.* Repeat this for every song you streamed.

*If you try to download songs by clicking on the cloud icon and it says something like “Cannot be downloaded because it was not purchased with your Apple ID”, feel perfectly free to scream into a pillow. Here’s the stupid way I had to overcome this:

Open iTunes on your computer (tried on my phone and it didn’t work) -> go to the page of the album in the iTunes store (it should say “purchased”) -> refresh the page (by clicking on the album cover) and try to click on the “free” button as fast as possible before it turns intoΒ  “purchased”. This should download the album to your iTunes. Then you can put it on your phone, and swipe left to delete.

If you have any questions please ask them in the comments! ❀


Horror/Thriller Movie Reviews

Sometimes I get on Netflix kicks where I watch a ton of movies until my attention span just can’t take anymore. This recent round has been particularly ambivalent with regards to quality/entertainment, so I thought I’d write this to let you know which movies could be worth it, which movies are hilariously bad, and which ones I feel wasted part of my life. (FYI, reviews are in order of most recently watched by me to least recent.)

These movies are pretty much all violent, torture-filled, and scary, so if that’s not your thing, stay away (though I certainly invite you to read on if mere descriptions are okay!). The exceptions, which I would not call “horror” movies (although they have disturbing moments, but only because human trafficking and home invasion is obviously disturbing), would be Cargo, Eden, and Secuestrados/Kidnapped.

Secuestrados (aka Kidnapped) (2010)

Rotten tomatoes 80%, IMDb 6.4

My Rating: 13 ski masks out of 14

This was really good. Disclaimer, on Netflix the film is dubbed instead of subtitled, which I hate a lot. I’ll probably try to find the original to watch if I feel like watching it again (though of course, the suspense might be gone now that I know what’s coming). This film is about a home invasion, where a group of masked men come into a family’s home and hold them hostage. They take the father out to empty his credit cards while the mother and daughter are held at home. There’s a lot of really graphic violence, lots of blood, some disturbing scenes (a lot of crying, screaming, panic) and [highlight for spoiler: rape]. Definitely not for the squeamish or anyone who couldn’t stand the emotional toll of 1 hour and 34 minutes of watching a family suffer. The ending is super good, they do the thing where it starts off by showing the ending. When it gets to the end of the movie [they actually do something different, and it’s super shocking]. There were a few slow parts, and I think this film was shot in only 12 shots (which must have been hell for the actors), but there were enough exciting events to keep my interest the whole time. Definitely for lovers of violence and suspense.

Scar (2007)

Rotten Tomatoes 0% (haha), IMDb 4.1

My Rating: 0.5 funeral homes out of 7

This movie is reminiscent of Prom Night (2008), in that a serial killer returns from previously being “defeated” and hunts a group of insufferably stereotypical teens. However, this one has a bit of a different gimmick, in that the serial killer originally attacked the aunt of the main teen girl when she was a teen, and the aunt thinks it’s him again. This was a very stupid movie because a) it has unrealistic dialogue/sequence of events (which reminds you you’re watching a movie, and no one wants that), b) I hate watching teenagers, and c) honestly, the serial killer flashbacks didn’t get enough screen time for my liking. πŸ˜‰ I pretty much spent the time in-between each flashback waiting for the next one because they were the most interesting parts of the movie by far. I did gag once while watching this movie, so sensitive stomachs beware.

Cargo (2011)

Rotten Tomatoes 67%, IMDb 5.2

My Rating: 3 prayer rugs out of 5

About human trafficking. About a young model who tries to enter the United States from Russia illegally through the Mexican border, and is instead taken by human traffickers. The movie follows her in her journey to her destination, and the interaction between her and the driver of the van she is being held in. Never too disturbing, not much violence (though there is some). In fact, there are a few sweet moments. I would definitely call this a thriller and not a horror flick. [Mild spoiler about the ending, for those on the fence about watching this: I don’t know if I would call the ending “happy”, but its definitely not “bad” either.] All in all, a pretty decent movie and great for those of you who hate horror but like thrillers.

Eden (aka Abduction of Eden) (2011)

Rotten Tomatoes 82%, IMDb 6.7

My Rating: 9 crack pipes out of 10

Another human trafficking movie. This one is good. I really liked it. The beginning is mild but it turns into a serious and disturbing story about the reality of being an unwilling prostitute. This movie has drugs, gross old sex perverts, violence, kittens, and some pretty disturbing ideas. This isn’t really a horror movie but there are a lot of ideologically scary moments, and some gross violence (but nothing too explicit). This is good for people who don’t like jump scares, supernatural things, serial killers, or explicit torture, but do like psychologically dark and disturbing movies.

Human Centipede 2: Full SequenceΒ  (2011)

Rotten Tomatoes 30%, IMDb 3.9

My Rating: 8 asthma inhalers out of 11

This movie was surprisingly fun. Yeah, I know. I actually liked the Human Centipede (2009), because I thought it was as realistic as a movie about attaching people together could be, and pretty creepy, and generally entertaining. Basic pure body horror. I knew I had to watch the sequel, only knowing that it was about a guy who saw the first movie and made a 12-person centipede instead of 3-person. Well, there were a few surprises. It’s in black and white, which makes it super terrifying in my opinion. You pay less attention to the red of the blood and other distracting details, and it just feels creepy for whatever reason. The centipede guy is a parking attendant who captures random people who use the parking garage and takes them all to a random warehouse room. He also manages to trick one of the actresses from the first movie into coming too. This movie is super disturbing, mostly because it feels pretty serious for the first 75%. However, at a very specific point, it turns into ridiculousness, and honestly it’s just funny/gross after that. Here’s a list of potentially super-disturbing things (significant spoilers): [sandpaper masturbation, auditory flashbacks to paternal rape, lots of bloody violence (including an awful, disgusting hammer-tooth scene – I definitely gagged and had to fast-forwarded this scene), poop, poop going into people’s mouths (gagging again), a woman gives birth and then accidentally steps on her newborn, and big spoiler: a centipede eats a man from inside his rectum.] I recommend this movie for people who liked the first movie, and feel like they can handle something much more disgusting and disturbing. In case you didn’t read the spoilers, I gagged two different times and had to skip one scene. Also, here’s a spoiler about the most hilarious/disgusting part of the movie: [the entire movie is black and white, except for the poop, which is colored brown. Also it splatters on the camera. Yeah.] Overall, I thought it was fun, in retrospect sometimes hilarious, and also quite horrifying. A great combination and I’m glad I watched it.

The Collection (2012)

Rotten Tomatoes 37%, IMDb 6.1

My Rating: 1 bear trap out of 9

This was not a good movie in my opinion. The beginning was kind of fun, because they went to a club that happened to be a giant death trap and everyone got slaughtered by spinning blades and giant smashy cages and stuff. After that it got stupid. There was a scene where the main girl was hiding and tarantulas were crawling all over her, and I thought that was delightfully creepy. It also reminded me of this. Then after that, the special snowflake protagonist makes it through the entire building full of tortured/dead/zombie people, and meets up with the people trying to rescue her (which includes a guy who previously escaped the killer). There is some explicit torture, body horror, and stuff like that. Basically, it’s a very unrefined cousin of Saw, without any of the awesome mind games. Disclaimer: I haven’t seen The Collector (2009), so maybe that one is better (but it’s not on Netflix so I’m not going to bother finding it).

ATM (2012)

Rotten Tomatoes 9%, IMDb 4.6

My Rating: 0.1 parkas out of 4

This movie has Josh from Drake and Josh in it, so that was weird. Basically, a dude, his best friend (Josh), and his love interest go to an ATM, and when they start to leave, there’s a guy in a parka standing outside, and their little minds implode. Seriously, I was actually yelling at my TV. After a few minutes of debating whether to go outside, Parka randomly beats a dude to death, so then their fear is justified, but seriously. This movie is written like the screenwriters think real people have telepathy, but absolutely no problem solving skills. The characters are so annoying, you end up wanting them to get hurt, and you won’t be disappointed. This movie also has a terminal case of “serial killer who has absolutely no motivation but to cause pain or whatever” trope. Basically, unrealistic dialogue/actions, idiocy, and an awful lack of focus on the intriguing random-parka-murders the crap out of people-dude. It could have been so cool but it just wasn’t.

Victim (2010)

Rotten Tomatoes 75% (audience only), IMDb 6.7

My Rating: 6.5 shaved legs out of 10

Honestly, there’s no way to judge this movie unless you watch the entire thing, so it may be worth it to stick it through even if you think it’s going to be bad. Here’s the general idea: a dude gets captured by a creepy doctor and his muscular assistant, is beat up to break his spirit, and gets obsessed with an abused little girl’s diary. He manages to escape momentarily and calls 911 long enough to make them suspicious. Surgeries happen, an unrealistically-determined lady detective won’t give up on finding out if the doctor is up to something bad, an extremely poorly-executed emotional climax happens, more surgeries, some creepiness, and then a super awesome plot twist. Basically this movie is good for people who appreciate entertainingly-bad movies, body horror, etc. Also, if you won’t be disturbed by this somewhat-minor grotesque plot spoiler: [a man gets turned into a woman surgically/hormonally against his will.] It was fun, kind of stupid, and a little annoying, but entertaining anyway.

Sil Jong (aka Missing) (2009)

Rotten Tomatoes N/A, IMDb 6.7

My Rating: 4 chickens out of 5

This is a Korean horror movie, so subtitle-haters beware. A girl gets kidnapped by an old dude and kept in his basement. Her sister starts searching for her, with the help of some locals and later the police. It gets pretty disturbing at times, including: [a disgusting cake-as-lube rape scene, a few bloody murders, and the kidnapper/rapist/murderer singing a song from when he wanted to be a pop star.] I thought this was a good movie, I liked pretty much all of it, and it had a few pretty cool plot points. Pretty scary and suspenseful, and there were definitely a few times I was yelling at the TV, either to warn the characters about their impending death, or rooting for them to escape.

American Mary (2012)

Rotten Tomatoes 56%, IMDb 6.3

My Rating: 7 left arms out of 8

This is a pretty fun body horror movie. A girl is in med school, but can’t pay her bills and wants to try stripping to earn more money. She gets sucked into an underground/illegal situation and has to save a man’s life for some cash. She is soon approached by a woman who knows that she does “under the table” surgery and Mary performs a very unusual surgery for her. She goes to a party with her professors and one of her mentors turns out to be [a rapist who attacks and films his students]. It’s a pretty disturbing scene, as far as [rape] scenes go. She kidnaps and tortures him, and then becomes a full-time body-modification surgeon. Then some other intense suspenseful things happen. If you aren’t into body horror, you should avoid this movie. If body modification intrigues you, this is a great movie. It’s full of medical stuff, revenge, and suspense. Also, Mary is intriguing, beautiful, and definitely a force to be reckoned with.

Vile (2011)

Rotten Tomatoes 32% (audience only), IMDb 5.0

My Rating 2 neurotransmitters out of 5

When a movie’s plot is based on a false fact, you know you’re going to have a hard time watching it. A group of people wake up in a random old house, with vials (haha pun get it the title… cause the movie is “vile” but they have “vials”… ok) attached to their necks. They have to fill the vials with adrenaline, dopamine, and oxytocin, which are, according to the movie, produced when the body is in pain. One of the characters suggests they could have sex instead because it produces the chemicals (there’s even a few couples in the house!), but everyone gets mad at him. Well guess what, he was right. So already I hate everyone in this movie, including the screenwriters. They draw to find out what order they will torture themselves in, and it gets pretty graphic. One girl is a huge bitch the whole time, so when its her turn [mild spoiler: they smash her jaw], and that is the single most disturbing movie scene I have EVER seen. It was traumatizing to watch. So kudos to the filmmakers for that particular scene, because it was seriously like real torture. Absolutely disturbing. Anyway, there’s kind of a twist ending (not really a twist but just not what you’re “hoping” for) and it leaves you feeling annoyed. I would only recommend this movie for people who just love violence, because the plot is bad and the torture is the only realistic part. I mean, this movie is pretty much an hour and 30 minutes of straight up torture, including (along with the above mention): [pulling out a bunch of fingernails, hot iron to the stomach, burning arms in hot water, pouring bleach on said burns, and other things I don’t remember]. I can say that I will never watch this movie again and I don’t really recommend it, but it was good at making me feel terrified, disgusted, and disturbed. It’s popular on Netflix right now, which is kind of disturbing in and of itself.

I hope these reviews help you decide which movies to watch and which ones to avoid! πŸ˜‰


Body Product Reviews [Shea Moisture, Avalon Organics]

Photo Aug 06, 11 24 17 PMWhile skincare often refers to the face, it’s also important to take care of the skin on the rest of your body too. Here are some of the products that I use and recommend.

Body wash / shower gel:

I like the Avalon Organics line, because they use a lot of organic, natural, sustainable ingredients, and their products smell amazing (with no synthetic fragrances!). I’ve used the rosemary, peppermint, and lavender shower gels and they all smell and feel great. They also have an unscented aloe shower gel, for very sensitive skin. I recently bought a giant bottle of the lavender shower gel, so that should hopefully last me a while. The formula is pretty liquid-y, so it’s easy to pour too much out of the bottle and use it faster than you need to. The bottle I got has a pump so that should solve that problem! It has a nice texture, and in a pinch it will work for shaving too.

Shaving cream:

While soap/shower gel does work for shaving, it’s important to shave with a product that will create maximum smoothness to prevent the razor from irritating your skin. I like to use the unscented aloe shaving cream from Avalon Organics, though they do have other scents (I just want to be extra careful with my legs/underarms because that’s where I get the most irritation and sensitivity!). I used to use Dr. Bronner’s lavender shaving gel, but it left a gross residue because of the hardness of the water where I lived, so when I finished that tube I switched brands. I do recommend the Dr. Bronner’s shaving gel if you have soft water or if you prefer the lighter, less lather-y formula, but I’m happy with the shaving cream too. It’s important to remember to frequently rinse out your razor thoroughly when using thick shaving creams or things like coconut oil, so that the razor stays unclogged and able to shave smoothly. Also, you should always take your razor out of the bath when you’re done and dry it, so that the water doesn’t erode the blade over time.

Photo Aug 09, 7 01 46 PMLotion:

This Olive and Green Tea Body Butter from Shea Moisture is a great, all-natural lotion. I like using it when I want something that will absorb into my skin quickly, or whenever I feel like smelling its lovely fresh scent! The olive and green tea collection is made for dry skin, which I definitely have. This lotion is perfect for using on my legs when I’m about to go out and don’t want to have an oily sheen from coconut oil. I also love the Olive and Green Tea Hand and Body Scrub (can’t find it on the website so I linked to the Lavender and Wild Orchid instead) for exfoliating my legs and underarms before shaving. However, I recently finished my last tub, so I don’t have a picture! I will certainly be restocking on this sugar scrub the next time I get a chance.

I also use coconut oil on my body and argan oil on my face and specific sensitive areas (like healing burns, dry cuticles, etc). You can ready my posts about these oils for more information.

Witch Hazel:

I like to use witch hazel as a toner on my face, as well as general first aid. It’s soothing so I apply it to any sensitive areas, like places with a scrape or cut, or my legs if they start acting up from being dry/irritated. See more about witch hazel here.

After-shave care:

After shaving, my legs are extremely sensitive, and I used to have a big problem with ingrown hairs. However, I have found some products that work for me from the Shea Moisture line. I already loved their shampoo, lotion, and sugar scrubs, so when I saw they had a shaving care line, I knew I had to try it, and I wasn’t disappointed. The Regenerative Lotion claims to prevent hair regrowth, but I haven’t really noticed that if it’s true. Either way, it’s very moisturizing, and it absorbs really well into the skin, so I don’t have to worry about having greasy legs (I typically apply coconut oil at night when it doesn’t matter).

The Tea Tree After Shave is actually from the men’s line, but who cares. πŸ˜› It works for me. It’s actually pretty effective at preventing ingrown hairs and irritation, and the stinging when I put it on feels good, haha. It also makes me feel likeΒ Macaulay Culkin from Home Alone. I’ve just about used up both of these products, and I reordered the Skin Healing Elixir spray from the women’s line as a replacement, mostly because I think the spray format might be convenient. I haven’t used it yet but I can update when I do!


Hand Sanitizer

Photo Aug 06, 11 25 26 PMI think it’s important to keep hand sanitizer with you at all times, in case you ever feel like you want clean hands but don’t have access to a nearby restroom. I personally like to use it after doing things like going shopping, because there’s just so many people touching everything and you never know what kind of illness they have or have been exposed to. Maybe it’s paranoid but who cares, everyone and everywhere has hand sanitizer nowadays so I’m not alone in my paranoia. πŸ˜‰

Of course, washing your hands is still best, because it physically removes dirt/grime, and it’s better at killing specific kinds of germs. And it’s important to make sure that whatever hand sanitizer you use is alcohol-based.

My favorite hand sanitizer is this lavender hand sanitizer gel from EO (but mine is in a smaller portable bottle). It’s made with organic ethanol, which is a type of alcohol, and essential oils. It’s actually pretty moisturizing and it smells really good! It does smell clean and disinfecting, but also natural and fresh. The 2 fl oz bottle lasted me about a year of light use, but it’s definitely gentle enough to use many times a day (which I have done, especially when traveling via airplane. Bonus, it keeps your skin from drying out in the dry air!). This is one of my necessities and I take it everywhere, and I recommend it to anyone who uses hand sanitizer.


[OPI] Malaga Wine & Here Today… Aragon Tomorrow

I recently took an international trip, and during a layover in the Amsterdam airport I decided to treat myself to a couple of duty-free polishes. πŸ˜‰ These are the two colors I decided I couldn’t leave behind, and after wearing these polishes a few times I can say I made the right decision.

Photo Aug 11, 10 55 04 PMMalaga Wine is a deep red shade. It could pass for oxblood in some lighting, and a dark cherry red in others. (Speaking of which, sorry for the weird lighting in this photo, but daylight made it look more bright-red than it truly is.) One coat is sufficient to get the deep color, and two coats didn’t really do anything extra for me (perhaps evened it out a little, but the color stayed the same). This is a beautiful, elegant shade, which will be perfect for fall.

There was this set of OPI minis in the duty-free magazine on the plane, and I just could not stop thinking about it. I am a sucker for reds and neutrals, and this set had a wonderful dark red. There was also a beautiful deep eggplant, a bright cherry red, a bright pink, and two neutrals (taupe and light pink). Honestly, the deep red was the only color of the set I really really wanted (perhaps also the dark purple), but that combination of colors was just so pretty and I couldn’t keep away from it. Fortunately I convinced myself not to get it because I already had all of the other colors, and I knew I was never going to wear the bright pink. I was also pleasantly surprised, after getting back on the plane to go home and looking at the duty-free magazine again, to find that the shade I had randomly picked in the store (Malaga Wine) was the one I had been lusting after in the set! So that settled it, and I was able to refrain. [PS- For those of you who saw that set and loved it, I will also recommend this set, which I believe contains all the same colors plus 4 more, for the same price. I would definitely buy this set if I didn’t already have all of these colors. 😦 ]

Photo Aug 05, 6 05 59 PMThe other shade, Here Today… Aragon Tomorrow, is a very deep forest green. With one coat it will be a true forest green, especially with a light base coat, but with two coats it turns into a very beautiful dark green, which looks almost black in certain lighting. I’m not a huge fan of forest green, but the display sample (you know, where they have fake nails attached to the display on a chain? I love those because I can hold them over my fingernails and pretend I have absolutely perfect nails) showed the color after two coats, so I knew I would love it. This polish has less pigment than Malaga Wine, but that’s fine because you can get multiple looks out of one bottle!

These are both very rich, deep shades, and I think they will be great when fall comes around (although I’ve been wearing them already anyway, because who cares if I wear dark polish in the summer?). Although OPI is more expensive than many drugstore polishes, you certainly get what you pay for, and if either of these shades seem like something you think you need, I can tell you that yes, you do need them. πŸ˜‰


Skincare: Reality is not Ideal

Photo Aug 05, 8 11 11 PMSo I’ve talked about a few different skincare activities on here before, like the oil cleansing method and using honey as a face wash. I also posted a plan to deal with my acne and scars.

Looking at this plan now, I have to say I’m glad that I never ended up using baking soda on my face, because in research since then I’ve learned that it’s pretty bad for your skin! Please read the link for more information, but to sum it up: it has a high pH (9) which disrupts your skin’s barrier (part of the immune system!).

Anyway, here’s the routine I actually ended up doing for most of the past year:

  1. Morning: Wash face with honey in the shower. Usually tone with witch hazel, if I felt like it. Apply blemish stick with tea tree oil to active breakouts. Apply argan oil as a moisturizer.
  2. Evening: Nothing. If I needed to remove makeup, I would use my Juice Beauty Cleansing Milk and then follow that with witch hazel and argan oil.

Here are my thoughts on this routine.

  • Honey: I found that the honey crystallized pretty quickly no matter what I tried to prevent it, so it became like an exfoliating scrub. Because of this reason, I gradually started using it as a mask that I would rinse off in the shower, because then I wasn’t scrubbing the crystals against my skin and they melted pretty quickly under the water. I stopped using it over the past ~5 months, and now use it as an occasional mask, sometimes mixed with clay. At that point, I started washing my face with only water and a washcloth.
  • Witch hazel: I still love it. ❀
  • Blemish stick: I don’t think the stick format was very hygienic, due to the face that I was applying the stick to every blemish and contaminating the product every time. For that reason, I let it run out and did not repurchase when I had finished it.
  • Argan oil: awesome and moisturizing.
  • Cleansing Milk: you can see my thoughts on this product here.

I stopped doing the OCM partly because I could replace it with the Cleansing Milk and partly because it was too much effort for me to exert so close to bedtime. πŸ˜›

Here’s the routine that I have decided to try from this point onward, with the new products I’ve acquired:

  1. Morning: Rinse face with water. Apply argan oil. Apply sunscreen. Apply tea tree oil (why is that listed as a men’s product?) to active blemishes with a q-tip, if needed.
  2. Evening: Remove makeup if needed with Cleansing Gel. Otherwise, rinse with water and use konjac sponge to massage face/remove sunscreen. Tone with witch hazel if needed. Apply 2% BHA liquid from Paula’s Choice (separate post coming soon).

I can’t try everything new all at once, because using too many new products can make it difficult to figure out which product may be causing a reaction with your skin. Right now I’ve been using the sunscreen long enough to know it’s working fine with my skin, and I’ve just started using the cleansing gel when needed to remove makeup. I will start using the BHA liquid in a week or two.

This routine may require adjusting, of course, because the lesson to be learned from all of this is a) don’t stick with something that doesn’t work for too long, and b) my laziness may sabotage even the most well-meaning plans. πŸ˜›

Finally, I’d like to link to r/skincareaddiction, which has helped me learn a lot.


[Too Faced] Matte Eye – Swatches

Photo Aug 09, 6 14 56 PMThis is one of my staple palettes, one of two I always make sure I have with me when I take trips (the other is the Wet n Wild Comfort Zone palette). These matte shadows are perfect for simple, easy looks that won’t overwhelm you, especially if you want to avoid giltter/shimmer.

There are three trios of colors:

  • Day consists of Tufted Suede (a pink-toned tan), Chinchilla (a medium warm-toned brown), and Coffee Bean (a dark chocolatey brown).Photo Aug 09, 6 14 44 PM
  • Classic consists of Velveteen Bunny (a pure white), Pebbles (a medium slate grey), and London Fog (a dark navy).
  • Fashion consists of Fresh Linen (a very light cool-toned pink), Vintage Violet (a mauve-y lavender), and Midnight (a dark warm-toned grey).

The lightest colors are equally as pigmented as the darker colors, although they may be harder to see depending on the color of your skin. A few colors, like Chinchilla, Fresh Linen, and Vintage Violet, might take a few applications to become opaque. For me, Tufted Suede is almost the same color as my lids, so it’s a great base color for many looks.

Photo Aug 09, 6 14 30 PMThe palette includes cards with several looks you can recreate, but as a general rule, putting the lightest color all over, then the middle on your lid, and the last on the outer corner and crease, works with each trio and looks nice. Of course, there are a lot of different ways to wear eyeshadow, so experiment and see what works for you!

The Day trio makes a great everyday look, because it adds definition and color to your eyes while being simple and non-obvious. All of the colors are pretty versatile, and you can create many different looks.

Overall this is a great palette, and I recommend it to anyone who likes matte shadow, strong pigments, and simple, classic looks.


Coconut Oil Hair Mask

Photo Aug 07, 6 17 59 PMI’ve already touched on this mask once before in my Coconut Oil post, but I thought I’d revisit it because it’s been super helpful for me over the past few months.

Back in March/April (can’t remember), I decided to bleach all of my hair, because I wanted my entire head to be purple. While I don’t regret the decision, it did some really scary things as far as the amount of my hair that was falling out. Long story short, I think it was a combination of a few things- the bleach itself, blow drying 3-4x/week, baking soda dry shampoo, and the way I was washing my hair (frequently, and scrubbing my scalp with conditioner)- that led to the hair loss, but either way, my hair was pretty damaged afterward. The ends of my hair have been bleached at least 3 or 4 times now (not all at once, over the past ~year 1/2) and while I don’t have split ends (yay! but how?), they can get pretty frazzled when they’re dry. Good news though, after a few weeks of hair loss things returned to normal, and a big part of it was regularly using this mask.

This is a really good mask for anyone with dry ends or any kind of damage, and I’m not exaggerating when I say your hair will be very soft afterward! My hair looks healthy, not frizzy, and it feels smooth. I’ve found that it also helps keep away some of my unwanted bushy volume, probably because my hair is sleek and moisturized instead of dry and frizzy! I use shampoo once a week so this is a weekly mask for me, but you can use it more often as long as you know you’re going to shampoo right after.

What I usually do is completely soak my hair in coconut oil from the ears down, about an hour before I’m going to wash my hair. This involves scooping chunks of coconut oil out of the jar and rubbing my hands vigorously until it’s melted, then running my fingers through my hair. I makes sure to especially saturate the tips. I also like to smooth some oil over the top part of my head and add it to my bangs. I haven’t found it to cause any greasy roots so I wouldn’t worry about that. Then I put my hair in a bun and let it sit like this for at least 30 minutes, though I usually try to wait at least an hour. Finally, I make sure to thoroughly wash my hair with shampoo. I don’t necessarily scrub the end of my hair with shampoo, but I do usually run my shampoo-d fingers through it to make sure there’s not excess oil left over. Condition as normal and let air dry.

When you try this mask, you will be pleasantly surprised at how soft your hair will be! And using this mask over time will benefit your hair’s appearance and health.


Facial Cleansers for Removing Makeup [Juice Beauty]

Photo Aug 05, 7 22 35 PMI purchased the Juice Beauty Cleansing Milk a year ago in order to remove my foundation at night (I use coconut oil to remove my eye makeup, but I’ve heard coconut oil can cause breakouts and I don’t want to risk using it all over my face. I have also found that I prefer to wash my face with something that will rinse off, rather than be physically wiped away like an oil).

This cleansing milk is very soothing and moisturizing, but it didn’t really live up to my expectations. I would wet my face, then massage the cleansing milk over my face with my fingers for a minute or two. Then I would rinse my face. I could usually still feel the foundation on my face (it felt very sticky/greasy, so I knew it was there). Several washes were necessary to actually clean my face. I tried washing by applying the cleansing milk to a cotton pad or washcloth and that worked much better, but I didn’t want to be physically scrubbing my face every time I removed my makeup. Looking at the reviews on the site now, many more people are saying that it did not clean their makeup, and that they were disappointed.

Either way, it is a very gentle formula, and it never broke me out. I would recommend it for someone with very dry skin as a daily cleanser (not to remove makeup!).

However, I’m tired of this unsatisfactory routine, so I recently purchased the Green Apple Cleansing Gel. This gel is more of a chemical exfoliant than a makeup remover, but reviewers did say that it removed their makeup, so I’m going to trust them. πŸ˜›

The decision to try this cleanser also came after some research on skincare, which also prompted me to purchase a few other products I’m excited to try (and which I will post about soon).

I haven’t tried it yet because a) I haven’t worn foundation since buying it and b) I’m making a lot of changes to my skincare routine right now so I just want to take things slow in case a product creates an adverse reaction. I will review this cleanser after I’ve used it a few times, to let you know how well it works for my needs!